Welcome to The Memory Room

Who We Are

We are three parents who have experienced the loss of a child. We have found that one source of healing has been to share our personal loss with others with similar experiences. We are also writers and artists who have used a variety of modalities as a means of expression. Professionally we have collective experiences with all age groups in the fields of expressive therapy, psychotherapy and education. Together we have led a monthly bereavement group. We have participated in grief training and support groups at ‘The Children’s Room” in Arlington, MA. These experiences have helped us find meaning again in our lives when so much as been lost.

Our Vision

Our belief is that there are many ways of grieving, that it is not a linear process and that support and creative expression assist in the healing process. Our desire is to offer a variety of opportunities so that the journey is less lonely.

Our Mission Statement

The Memory Room has been designed to provide support and creative outlets for families in the south shore area who have suffered the loss of a child.